We hear it all the time – from U.S. companies large and small: “Why do we want to engage with partners from Latin America and the Caribbean?” The answers, we believe, can be found in the over 6,000 web pages of Nearshore Americas, featuring a vast amount of data, news, research, interviews and commentaries spanning the last ten years. 

And, by the way, just because the Nearshore model works for thousands of U.S. businesses doesn’t mean it’s good for your needs. You need to dig, you need specifics, you need justifications, you need to build a case.

This is one of the central reasons why you should attend Nexus 2019 – to gather facts, collect ‘behind the curtain’ insights and ground your analysis on fact.

High quality insight and information does not just fall from the sky in Latin America and the Caribbean. Over the course of ten years, we have been mining for good information, and double and triple-checking the validity of that information.

As you continue to build your business case for Nearshore, we offer here some of our especially outstanding reporting and analysis for what we consider the top nine, most in-demand markets of 2019: